Cabins & Campsite

Campsite Availability


We also offer two camping cabins as part of our ‘glamping’ option. The cabins look over the beautiful Loch Scresort and offer a quiet haven for up to 4 people each.

Each cabin has the following facilities:

  • 4 single mattresses
  • 2x plug sockets
  • 2x USB chargers
  • Light

In addition, each cabin has a midge net door so you can laugh as you watch the midges trying to get in!

NOTE: Guests must bring their own sleeping bags


£40.00 per night per cabin

Prices include the cost of the campsite showers and toilet facilities


We also offer plenty of campsite spots around the bay. No need to book in advance as we always have plenty of space.

10 minutes walk from the village, the same to the ferry landing in the other direction. It has an open shed to cook in if the weather is dodgy, and a sink to wash up in just next to it. Perfect peace right on the seashore.There is also a proper loo and a shower available 1 minute down the track; (google review October 2017)

Beautiful views of Loch Scresort
A handy shelter for storage and socialising
capsite fire
A fire pit to enjoy the beautiful views over to Skye and the mainland


Tent (Base Rate per night) > £3.00


Adult > £6.00 per person/ per night

Child > £3.00 per person/ per night

For example: 2 adults,1 tent for 2 nights = £30


Awning or Gazebo > £6.00 each (Max 1 each)

The campsite price includes the cost of the showers and toilets